Our Story

IMG helps insurance agents, agencies, brokerages, and wholesale distributors nationwide maximize potentials, penetrate opportunities to achieve personal, professional, and corporate goals. IMG's goal is to develop a solid, multi-faceted insurance distribution system where all internal and external distribution partners are performing at the highest level.

Innovative thinking, leadership by service, and above all, our commitment to enhance our internal and external partners' business is an integral part of IMG's business model. Our business platform serves as a solid foundation where our partners achieve growth and success. IMG provides access to a sustainable business model that drives our partners to operate a highly efficient and effective distribution. Our value and commitment to excellence contributed to how we conduct business today which will continue to shape our company tomorrow.

About Andrei Lorilla

Independence Marketing Group, Inc. (IMG). was established on June 1, 2013. Andrei Lorilla began his career in 2001 as an insurance professional. Andrei started his career with an insurance company conducting marketing, outreach, and community branding. He worked and started his tenure, grew professionally, and honed his leadership skills while working at insurance company in Texas. He relocated to Houston, Texas to assist in the company's expansion initiatives and establish distribution in the new market. He recruited agents all over Texas and was able to increase production in the state. After 12 years of successful career, he decided to start his own insurance distribution in June 1, 2013 in Houston, Texas. Andrei established Independence Marketing Group, Inc. with five core values in Mind.

  • Integrity(Doing the Right Thing)
  • Vision (Vision to help and provide peace of Mind)
  • Respect (Respect to all our clients and partners)
  • Understanding (Empathy, knowing and understanding clients and partners needs)
  • Success (Successful implementation and execution of Strategy)

What sets IMG Apart?

Expert Guidance

IMG's commitment is to guide our partners in acquiring timely and valuable information to achieve success, solve problems or difficulty, and be able to set confident direction. We recognize that knowing where you are heading is not enough in navigating and arriving at your set destination. We recognize that identification of available resources, knowing your capabilities and having the right tools is crucial to achieving one's goals. Going from one level to the next requires proper guidance and having the right capabilities and tools that is required to stay effective and efficient in maximizing new opportunities forward.

Why partner with IMG?


We believe in true partnerships where both parties are working toward achieving a common goal and where both parties win. We know how difficult it is to penetrate an opportunity without any help or resources. IMG would like you to partner with you and provide you the necessary resources to realize your objectives. IMG's success is based on your achievements and we meet our goal when you reach your set destination. We hope that you believe in the same values where we can both enjoy a true and meaningful partnership.

IMG Provides
  • Guidance in building a sustainable income for life
  • Top-level compensation and bonuses
  • Growth opportunities: Management Level contract
  • Wholesale contract
  • Agent tools and resources
  • Agent training and important, timely communications
  • Marketing materials and give-a-ways
  • Lead programs and carrier leads
  • Discounted Errors and Omissions
  • Access to large portfolio offerings
  • Contracting support
  • Back office support and resources
  • Quoting tools and assistance
  • Quoting tools and assistance
  • Area management support
  • Carrier broker support
  • CRM Lead Advantage tools
  • IMG branded e-mail address
  • Scripts and other telemarketing tools
  • Lead list and mail-out providers


What sets IMG apart!


IMG's commitment is to guide our partners in acquiring timely and valuable information to achieve success, solve problems or difficulty, and be able to set confident direction. We recognize that knowing where you are heading is not enough in navigating and arriving at your set destination. We recognize that identification of available resources, knowing your capabilities and having the right tools is crucial to achieving one's goals. Going from one level to the next requires proper guidance and having the right capabilities and tools that is required to stay effective and efficient in maximizing new opportunities forward.

Confident Direction

Through IMG's guidance, our partners are able to set confident direction where he/she has the assurance that the path taken is sure and has been proven effective. IMG will ensure that our partners are pursuing a direction that matches their resources and capabilities where it is realistic and attainable. Direction, is a path to a destination where an individual or organization would like to see itself in the future. Direction should be supported by objectives, which are measurable, and strategic. The development of and agreement to direction is the first step in the strategic planning process and will cause the creation of the blueprint for the implementation of the plan.

Sound Strategy

Strategic planning is a vital activity for any individual. The starting point for any strategic plan is the development of effective -- and actionable -- goals and objectives. Understanding how to craft these initiatives can ensure commitment and buy-in and set the stage for deployment of the individual's plan. Effective goals and objectives also provide clear guidance to all involved in ensuring that the plan is implemented. It is easier to navigate through the noises of professional desires and business objectives if we have a clear sense of where we are heading and have the accurate road map to our destination.

Aggressive Execution

This is the secret to all of success! Many individuals don't realize their goals due to lack of execution. Not just execution but aggressive execution is required to realize one's objective. Many people talk about their plans and how great is their strategy but do not accomplish anything. On the other hand some individuals do succeed without clear defined direction because they have executed. IMG will help our partners realize their goals by aligning these vital factors making sure that goals and capabilities are matching and resources are maximized.

Follow Through

IMG believes in follow-through to be a part of the over all prerequisite in achieving success. Persistence is a key factor and staying on the path even when it becomes tougher and difficult. Expect that challenges will be present and difficulties will come but with the right training and tools, our partners ability to breakthrough is higher. We set the right expectations and don't sugar coat the process. With the right expectations set, we can identify appropriate timely and valuable trainings for our specific agents.

Constant Fine Tuning

We encourage our partners to develop a habit of fine tuning at the end of every strategy cycle. Fine tuning and checking for possible improvements are necessary to keep moving forward. Constant improvement turns into effectiveness and efficiency which is crucial to one's success. IMG would like to see our partners moving to the next level up on their business goals year-over-year. We would like to see improvements in every business model and consistent volume increase in production. This is why we set ourselves apart from other marketing-distribution outfit and the very reason why we can help you in the level you are currently in.

Our Commitment to our Agents

  • Provide guidance and tools
  • Access to highly rated carriers and the products offerings
  • Equip, train, and provide resources
  • Integrity and loyalty to all our partners

Independence Marketing Group, Inc. offers a full suite of products and services from individual to group health, senior products, and various insurance products including life, financial and other indemnity plans.

Our Products

Medicare Solutions

Recent changes to Medicare have brought about more healthcare choices for mature Americans than ever before. Today when you are eligible for Medicare you can choose to receive healthcare through the Original Medicare program only; or apply for a Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plan) to fill in the "gaps" in Medicare coverage with few if any copays or deductibles. In many areas you can also opt for a Medicare Advantage Plan that may have lower premiums, even a $0 premium in some counties. Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D) are also now on offer nationwide either as a stand-alone plan or bundled into a low-cost Medicare Advantage Plan.

  • Aetna
  • Memorial Hermann
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna HealthSprings
  • Humana
  • Texan Plus
  • Amerigroup
  • WellCare
Link: Independence Marketing Group

Final Expense

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance helps pay for final expenses upon death. These plans usually provide up to $25,000 to $30,000 in benefits and often do not require medical examinations. However, issuance of a policy is often not guaranteed and may depend on answers to questions set forth in an application.

Final Expense Plans: Kemper, National Guardian Life, Sentinel, Security National Life, United of Omaha, Americo, Columbian Life, AIG, Great Western, National Farm Life, Gerber, North American and more

Individual Plan

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "ObamaCare", is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.

Health insurance minimizes the risk of financial loss due to illness and injuries. High quality individual health insurance plans can be purchased to meet short- and long-term needs. Depending on the policy, coverage includes:

  • Physical exams and health screenings.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Hospitalization and emergency care.

Available Individual Plans: BCBS, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, Memorial Hermann, Scott & White, and more.

Group Major Medical and Work-site plans

One thing that differentiates us from our peers is the opportunity to provide our agent partners with capabilities in the area of group major medical and work-site. IMG do not want you to become an expert on everything but have access to the support you need when needed. We want you to focus on thing that you want to do so you can do it very well. We recognize the need for access on products and services along with the tools and support that you may need. IMG provides you the access to full group and work-site products and back office support along with account executive and administrative support. We would like you to know that you can pursue group opportunities when they come up and not take away from your business focus.

Group Major Carriers: UHC, Aetna, Humana, Memorial Hermann, BCBS, and more

Worksite Carriers: Assurity, Colonial, Transamerica, AllState, and more

Life & Annuities

Life insurance offers peace of mind as it relates to the equitable distribution of assets to heirs; providing ready funds to pay estate taxes and settlement costs without the delay and costs of probate; and by furnishing a significant increased cash death benefit to beneficiaries.

Life products offer specialized options to help protect and manage your estate.

  • Term Life Insurance is relatively inexpensive and provides a tax-free death benefit to your beneficiaries with coverage for a fixed period of years (5, 10, 15, 20 and 30) depending on your age at the time of purchase. Term life does not accumulate cash value.
  • Whole and Universal Life Insurance accumulates cash value and earns interest, income tax-free while providing an income tax-free death benefit to your beneficiaries. If an IMG carries more than 100 life and annuity products.emergency arises the insured has access to these funds by borrowing against the acquired cash value or by asking for a partial surrender of these values.

Life & Annuity carriers: IMG carries more than 100 life and annuity products.


Independent agents had tremendous success using dental insurance to get in the door with new prospects and cross-sell more lucrative products, such as Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, annuities, life or long-term care insurance.

Dental insurance for seniors, individuals & families and employee groups large and small.Your clients can see any dentist they choose or lower their premiums and out-of-pocket costs with a PPO plan.

  • Paper or online apps accepted
  • Check, EFT and credit cards accepted
  • No health questions, guaranteed acceptance
  • Optional vision coverage
  • Competitive, level commissions

Our Services

Getting paid while you sleep is possible. If you agree with me many individuals/companies are successful because they have built a very strong distribution system which is sustainable and produces in volume of sales. I know that you have built a very strong income base for yourself and your family but is it enough? How about sustainability? What happens when you're not able to work or produce? How can you bring the same amount or more volume even if you are not able to personally? I've seen agents and agencies lose everything when the key person loses his/her ability to operate the business.

Insurance is the perfect vehicle: Insurance pays commission for life

  • Insurance works and you can help individuals and families cover their risks
  • People need insurance or required to have one
  • No need to buy inventories
  • Products can be sold through phone or face-to-face
  • Residuals are growing
  • Blocks of business can be sold
Formula for Retirement:

Consistent Volume Production + Sustainable Operation = High Sustainable Income for Life

Time and hard work

Distribution Models:

Employee or Captive Agent = Base salary or fixed commission

  • You work the leads or buy your own leads
  • You work 9am-5pm/day schedule
  • You don't own your business, You give up a portion or all your lifetime commission
  • Minimal expense, Minimal to less income
  • Sustainability depends on your employer's need of your services

High Producer = Personal production

  • You do everything from marketing to sales closing
  • Minimal expense, Minimal to moderate income
  • Sustainability depends on your ability to sell (income slowly stops when you stop selling)

Agency = Personal and employee/agent production

  • You do a portion and your employees do some work
  • Have a small amount of agents who are selling independently
  • Salaried agents on staff
  • You acquire leads for your agents
  • Higher expense, moderate to high income
  • Sustainability depends on your agency to function (succession plan and business expertise)

Telemarketing = Employee production

  • Agents do all the work on the phone
  • Build a telemarketing infrastructure
  • Employ agents to sell on the phone
  • Acquire leads and telemarketing list
  • High expense, moderate income to high income
  • Sustainability depends on your employees and company to function (succession plan and business expertise)

Wholesale = Personal and agents production

  • General Agency with 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000, 20,000 agents
  • Acquire and train Independent or Captive agents
  • Conduct trainings, events, and meetings with your agents
  • Teach agents to acquire, market, and develop leads
  • High expense, moderate to very high income
  • Sustainability depends on how you structure the company and how it will function when you are not able to (succession plan)

We are able to serve you in every level of distribution you are pursuing. Guidance is needed to get to the next level. With our expertise, knowledge and resources, we are able to guide you in every step to achieve your objective. We want to help you build a sustainable business that you and your family can enjoy. -Andrei Lorilla